Best Ski Bags Review

Admit it or not, skiing is fun! Whenever its snow, you just go out and take the best ski bag and boots and have a great time. The demands and love for skiing is that high worldwide that other than recreational purposes, it is considered a great sport.

From the ancient time, people have been using many ways to travel from one place to another during snowing. The best kind of travel is the ski, which is fun and a good way to move around.

Let’s get to know about ski at first. Ski generally means a semi-hard material or a board above which you put your ski boots and then glide. That semi-hard material can be the normal wood to carbon fibers, depending on your choice and needs. And there are a lot of varieties to choose from, let’s not talk about that today.

best_ski_bagsWe are here to discuss about the best ski bags. If you are planning to travel during winter to a region where it snows, the first thing that you should take with you is your pair of skis in your ski bag.

But why do you need a ski bag?

Best ski bags ensure that your skis are well-protected in the rough weather. Taking you ski boards without a bag is actually hard and not that wise. And, if you are travelling, you are bound to need a ski bag. So you need to choose wisely and buy the best.

The types of ski bags differ on where you need it. If you are travelling with a group, you can choose a bag that can contain more than one, if you are travelling in aero plane, you can take a heavy ski bag, or if you are travelling by car or foot, a light one will be better for you.

Be specific about what you need-the first condition to buy a ski bag.

Types of Best ski bags:

Travel ski bags: For travelling, you need to have a strong ski bag that can contain your skis in adverse condition. It is generally made of hard plastic and can carry two or more skis.

Padded ski bags: For extra protection, you can go for the padded ones. The padded ones provide extra protection during long journeys.

best_ski_bagsWheeled ski bags: This kind of ski bags come with wheels, so you can steer it up along a path. And the wheels come in different sizes, shapes and facilities, according to the road you will take. Going for a long journey with your ski bag is now not-a-hassle at all.

Shoulder ski bags: Grab your ski bag, hang it on your shoulder and go! And for this, the bags need to be lighter than usual, you can take shoulder ski bags in your car ride or while you are hiking up the mountain.

Soft case ski bags: Best ski bags are soft and you can easily stuff your things inside, but it gives your skis less protection, but now, very good quality materials are used for the bags, making it safe and secure for you.

Hard case ski bags: Protected but heavy-that’s the thing with hard case ski bags. And as its heavy, most of them have wheels attached to them.

If you travel a lot, hard case might be the best for you.

best_ski_bagsSki boot bags: Worried about your ski boots as well? There is a solution. There are ski bags providing enough space for your ski boots as well. You can try that.

Before buying a good ski bag, read the manual to know about the fabrics and features used.

The fabric generally used for a ski bag is polyester. The best thing about polyester is, the manual provides you with the thread count used to make your ski bag.

Try to opt for more. The more the thread count, the better ski bag it is. And if you want to go for more durability, look if your strap is made of nylon. So, your bag will be protected from tears and rips.

Look at the interior, because you might want your interior to be lined up by waterproof materials. And go for padded ones, if you are looking for the best ski bags in the market and do not have any problem to pay a bit more.

Features of Best ski bags:

Exterior compression straps: Around the ends of a ski bag, there are two nylon straps, which mainly compress the skis inside, so that there is less chance to get loose and bump with anything else. Additionally, if the skis are smaller than the bag, you can fold the extra fabric and tie it up with the nylon straps.

Interior gear straps: These straps are made of nylon too. The interior straps fix the gears with your bag and is really helpful for the multiple skis inside.

Wheels: If you feel like your ski bag is heavy, go for wheeled ones. Choose larger wheels. It is easier to maneuver.

Padded straps: The padded straps protect your skis for unwanted harm and bumps along the way.

Pockets: Pockets are an added interesting feature. You can keep necessities of skiing in the pockets, like watches or goggles or anything small.

There are some famous brands selling ski bags. Like Dakine snowboard bags, Burton snowboard bags etc.
best_ski_bagsSo, in the end, why let the ski board get scratched or damaged, after spending a lot on it, when you can effectively protect it with a ski bag? Take the bag along with a backpack or take it around by the wheels, either ways it is a necessity and keeps your ski board safe.

Look for durability and comfort when buying one. Know about it fabrics and features. Make sure the handles and straps are comfortable to use, and easy for you to sling over your shoulder. Take waterproof bags if you can. Browse the store or buy online-but try to buy a good one with excellent features.

It might cost more, but to protect a valuable thing like the snow board, it is worth spending. Buy one for your next trip. And then you are ready for a snowboarding adventure.