10 Best Rock Climbing Holds Review

Climbing is a kind of activity that implies ascending an almost straight or steep object or wall. It is regarded as sports which can be performed both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor activity is preferred by many as it enables one to climb and practice in a safe manner. Among different types of climbing, rock climbing is most often the chosen one. For this particular sport, rock climbing holds are must. The rocks are placed in an ascending manner. Depending on the age and height of the climber, the rocks are arranged thus.

Other than rock climbing holds, one need climbing shoes, chalk bag, ropes, hexes, bolts and nuts are normally used for safety measures.  Additionally these tools aid in climbing.

Coming back to rock climbing holds, they are the most important equipment for indoor rock climbing. They are set across an artificial wall, on different paths, either criss-crossed or in a straight way, bringing out different level of challenges to the climbers. The climbers thus, can be classified into novice or professionals.

Here we’ve found 10 Best Rock Climbing Holds by customer review.

Color Climbing Rocks – 4 rocks in 1 Pack:rock_climbing_holds

You can buy colorful rock climbing holds that comes in a pack containing four holds. These holds promote coordination and builds core body strength. The packet includes durable plastic climbing rocks, mounting hardware, and obviously with instructions (Lumber is not included).Maximum weight for this pack is 230 lbs.

Rock Screw-On Climbing Wall Hand Holds:rock_climbing_holds

If you are looking for free shipping, u can go for rock climbing holds that looks real with screw on. It is available 20 in a pack. Sold over 50,000 since 2009.U might think the rocks are look-alike, but, no! The rocks are real 100% natural southwest desert rainbow sandstone with awesome gripping texture. These rocks are perfect for adults and kids.

Ex-large Textured Rock Holds:rock_climbing_holds

If you are looking for extra-large textured rock climbing holds, it is also available in different colors Blue, Green, Yellow. The rocks come in different shapes. The rocks measure approx 4-1/4″ x 3-1/2″ x 1-1/2″. Mounting hardware is included in this package.

Happy Pie Indoor Outdoor Small Pegs for Kids:rock_climbing_holds

Looking for rock climbing holds for kids? At low price? Happy Pie is the best option for you. It comes with an artificial wall, which you can set both indoor and outdoor. The climbing holds are of different colors, kids can learn colors. Maximum weight is 230lbs.Hardware of fastener is included. Rock Pegs are small enough for toddlers to grab. Pack of 5 rock pegs is available to start a small project & grow to bigger rock wall size.

Ex-large textured rock-climbing holds:rock_climbing_holds

The holds come in 3 different shapes and 4 different colors- blue, green, red, yellow. Rocks are approx 4-1/4″ x 3-1/2″ x 1-1/2″. Mounting hardware is included in the package.

Bolt on rock climbing holds with Hardware:rock_climbing_holds

offers 50 bolt on rock climbing holds with hardware. 50 Large bolt on rock climbing holds for playgrounds is available.

Tenderfoot – Kids Rock Climbing Holds:rock_climbing_holds

You can get 20 blue & green kids grips, made in the USA with rigid rock-like urethane. It includes both beginner and intermediate holds to keep kids challenged. It is durable enough for both kids and adults. Steel Installation hardware is included (Bolts + T-nuts + Wrench). In this case, wall Panels must be at least .75 inches thick. (23/32″ plywood)

Rock Pegs Small for Indoor & Outdoor Rock Wall:rock_climbing_holds

It is used for indoor & outdoor rock wall climbing, Rock Pegs are small enough for toddlers to grab, also, pack of 4 rock pegs are included to start a small project & grow to bigger rock wall size. Hardware is not included (Depending on where you install it need different type of Fastener)

Metolius Mega Pack Climbing Holds:71H+rBPEWZL._SL1013_

Get a pack with mixture of various sizes holds. You can Screw-On Footholds, Screw-On Handholds, Screw-On Rail, Screw-On Outside Corner, Screw-On Modular, Micros, Modulars, Mini Jugs & Macro/Roof Jug. It has a guide includes all hardware and How to Build a Home Bouldering booklet.

25 Kids Large Rock Climbing Holds:rock_climbing_holds

High quality realistic rock climbing holds made by recycled materials, for your secure climbing.

Looking for bolts on rock climbing holds for your playground? That is available too in the market.

Lastly, safety is the main issue. Do check the instructions and age limit in every package of rock climbing holds. Happy climbing.

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